Conference Themes

2020 OCEANS 2021 Singapore – Gulf Coast Visions of the Blue Economy
2019 Seattle, WA Blue Sea, Blue Sky, Blue Tech
2019 Marseille, France Let’s sea our future together
2018 Charleston, SC Healthy Oceans, Resilient Coasts, Robust Commerce… Strong Nations
2018 Kobe, Japan Ocean Planet – It’s our home.
2017 Anchorage, AK Our Harsh and Fragile Ocean
2017 Aberdeen, Scotland A Vision for Sustaining our Marine Futures
2016 Monterey, California The Sea’s the Limit
2016 Shanghai, China Our Future is With Oceans
2015 Washington, DC Sea Change: Dive into Opportunity
2015 Genoa, Italy Discovering Sustainable Ocean Energy for a New World
2014 Saint John’s, Newfoundland Oceans: Where Challenge Becomes Opportunity
2014 Taipei, Taiwan Oceans Regeneration
2013 San Diego, CA An Ocean in Common
2013 Bergen, Norway The Challenges of the Northern Dimension
2012 Hampton Roads, VA Harnessing the Power of the Ocean
2012 Yeosu, Korea The Living Oceans and Coast –  Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities
2011 Kona, HI Oceans of Opportunity
2011 Santander, Spain Oceans of Energy for a Sustainable Future
2010 Seattle, WA Innerspace: A Global Responsibility
2010 Sydney, Australia Showcasing Advances in Marine Science and Engineering
2009 Biloxi, MS Marine Technology for Our Future: Global and Local Challenges
2009 Bremen, Germany Balancing Technology with Future Needs
2008 Quebec City, Quebec Oceans, Poles and Climate: Technological Challenges
2008 Kobe, Japan Voyage Toward the Future
2007 Vancouver, BC On the Edge of Tomorrow
2007 Aberdeen, Scotland Marine Challenges: Coastline to Deep Sea
2006 Boston, MA Revolutionizing Marine Science and Technology
2006 Singapore The Next Frontier
2005 Washington, DC One Ocean
2005 Brest, France Today’s Technology for a Sustainable Future
2004 Kobe, Japan Bridges Across the Oceans
2003 San Diego, CA Celebrating the Past…Teaming Toward the Future
2002 Biloxi, MS Marine Frontiers –  Reflections of the Past, Visions of the Future
2001 Honolulu, HI An Ocean Odyssey
2000 Providence, RI Where Marine Science and Technology Meet
1999 Seattle, WA Riding the Crest into the 21st Century
1998 1998, Baltimore, MD Celebrating 1998 International Year of the Ocean
1998 Nice, France Engineering for Sustainable Use of the Oceans
1997 Halifax, NS 500 Years of Ocean Exploration
1996 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Prospects for the 21st Century
1995 San Diego, CA Challenges of Our Changing Global Environment
1994 Washington, DC Challenges and Opportunities in the Marine Environment
1994 Brest, France Ocean Engineering for Today’s Technology and Tomorrow’s Preservation
1993 Long Beach, CA Technology Requirements for the Nineties
1993 Victoria, BC Engineering in Harmony With the Ocean
1992 Washington, DC Global Ocean Partnership
1992 Newport, RI Mastering the Oceans Through Technology
1991 New Orleans, LA An Ocean Cooperative, Industry, Government, Academia
1991 Honolulu, HI Ocean Technologies & Opportunities in the Pacific for the 1990s
1990 Washington, DC Science and Technology for a New Oceans Decade
1990 Washington, DC Engineering in the Ocean Environment
1989 Seattle, WA The Global Ocean
1988 Baltimore, MD A Partnership of Marine Interests
1987 Halifax, NS The Ocean –  International Workplace
1986 Washington, DC Science – Engineering – Adventure
1985 San Diego, CA Ocean Engineering and the Environment
1984 Washington, DC Industry, Government, Education…Designs for the Future
1983 San Francisco, CA Effective Use of the Sea: An Update
1982 Washington, DC Industry, Government, Education…Partners in Progress
1981 Boston, MA The Ocean – An International Workplace
1980 Seattle, WA Ocean Engineering in the 1980s
1979 San Diego, CA The Technical Challenge of Inner Space
1978 Washington, DC The Ocean Challenge
1977 Los Angeles, CA Impact of Developing Technology on Public Policy and Education
1976 Washington, CD Ocean Imperatives
1975 San Diego, CA Engineering in the Ocean Environment
1974 Halifax, NS Engineering in the Ocean Environment
1973 Seattle, WA Engineering in the Ocean Environment
1972 Newport, RI Engineering in the Ocean Environment
1971 San Diego, CA Engineering in the Ocean Environment
1970 Panama City, FL Engineering in the Ocean Environment

The above conference listing (only for IEEE/OES sponsored OCEANS conferences) provides the following regarding the number of past conferences vs. location.

Number of hosted conferences:

  • 8 – Washington, DC
  • 7 – San Diego, CA
  • 7 – Canada (Halifax, NS – 3; Victoria, BC – 1; Vancouver, BC – 1; Quebec City, QC – 1, St. John’s – 1)
  • 5 – Seattle, WA
  • 3 – Hawaii (Honolulu – 2; Kona – 1)
  • 3 – France (Brest – 2; Nice – 1)
  • 2 – Newport, RI
  • 2 – Biloxi, MS
  • 2 – Boston, MA
  • 2 – Kobe, Japan
  • 1 – All others (16 conferences)